1 month Moses

One Month Ago we welcomed you to the world.

I've searched for cute ideas of how to chart his first 12 months. Many blogged and pinned photos if the baby sitting in a chair. Well, I have a chair and so.....this is what turned out. 

Let's just say I won't be becoming a professional photographer any time soon. :) He did a great job letting me try to pose him. 

So in a month this is what Moses has been up to...
He makes eye contact
He is smiling at you
He is awake more during the day but sleeping through the night
He enjoys car rides and every time we go out he falls asleep and misses the whole outing. 
He is active. When he is awake his legs are moving
He loves to be swaddled at night. 
He sucks on a pacifier

He enjoys his baths at night. 
He enjoys being held by many people. 
He toots and poops and eats and sleeps and coos and does everything else he should.

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