Storms a coming….

Well it actually already came, but I’m bad at blogging…

I came home from work the other day and started walking up my steps and saw this…


I thought OH WOW, what happened?

Then I looked a little farther and saw this…



The whole meter had been pulled away from the house. Then I thought, “how’d that happen?”


Then I saw this…





A MASSIVE tree had fallen because of the high winds we had a few weeks back. It took out our power lines, cable, internet, and telephone. Our electric in the house still worked even though the lines had fallen. Well…the electric worked until we called Consumers Power! They came out and actually disconnected our electric because it was “unsafe”. They did this on Friday morning with out telling us! After about 5 visits from them, over $300 in electrical costs, a visit from the city inspector and 96 hours later we finally got our electric turned back on. 

Being with out power for 4 days will result in a huge LOSS…


It was about $200 in food from both freezer and fridge that we had to throw out!

For once we are glad we don’t own a house, and most of the costs (electrical) are picked up by our landlord.

1 comment:

  1. wow. all that food.

    thankfully the tree didn't fall ON the house or your vehicles, but still.

    and four days without power. did you play cards a lot?

    {I tried to comment on the schools out post, but it said there was an error... so on that one...

    yippee!! I hope you reach all of your goals, especially the sleeping in one!

    let me know how the card stocking goes, have you done that before?)