Schools out for summer

I stole the title from my cousin’s blog! Smile

I love teaching at a school where the instructional hours are from Labor Day to Memorial Day!!!!

A few photos from the last day.

10th graders


8th graders


And Spenser!


My summer plans include not working very much! Smile I took this teaching job so I’d have my summers OFF! Some teachers like the kids, I like the summers off!

Marvin did say I needed to get at least a part time job so I wouldn’t drive him batty with my boredom. He’s right, after about 1 week I go crazy! So my plan is to tutor about 8 hours a week, and possibly pick up a babysitting job 1 or 2 days. I also was just assigned 4 local stores as an American Greeting Card stocker- whooo hooo! That will be about 10 hours a week. With all of these side jobs I’ll be able to accomplish my main goal of summer~ sleeping IN!

A few other goals I have planned, in order of importance:

1. watch the star wars series

2. visit flint and gr for some family/friend time

3.read more~ currently on the list Glass Castle

4. blog more, sorry…I’ve told you about my love/hate relationship with blogging!

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