My funny Valentine

Marvin and I rented out our house again this weekend (more about that later) and headed to Traverse City for some Valentine's Day fun. 
This is the 9th valentine's day we've spent together! 

We brought along our littlest valentine. 

 We stayed at Grand Traverse Resort- Great deals this time of year! 
 We ate at Blue Tractor, and saved room for dessert. Fuzzy Buns threw his little ball under a table full of 40 year old women who were enjoying their night a little too much. We got it back at the end of the night and they all cooed over the buns of fuzz. 

He did this all by himself, he was supposed to be relaxing and getting ready for a nap. 
Post pool photo. The water was COLD but the naked man didn't mind too much. 

All in all it was a great valentine's weekend.


  1. Fuzzy Buns is Moses, right? :)

    DYING to hear more about the "rented out our house again" part!

    Loved the pics! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Relaxing getting ready for a nap, sounds precisely like something you would say and want to do, pre relax before napping! haha

  3. Ellen likes looking at these. What do you do at the resort all day with Moses?