Christmas 2013

 Opening his present with Dad. HAM

I feel like this photo looks like one that's taken at Glamor shots or Napoleon Dynamite. 

 Riding around on Dad's new suitcase. 

He really did enjoy Christmas, just not in this photo. 

His Christmas outfit. 
Sweater via thredup.com
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 Christmas Eve morning- just before we headed to Flint.

Splunking @ Grandpa's house. 

The best family photo that we got on Christmas morning. 

 Moses and cousin Dodge playing with their new toy. 

Celebrated in the North with Cousin KC & the other McCary's. 
Little Shae is 4 months younger than Moses. 

 New Year's Eve with the Manthei's

Moses with friend Julia, She is 6 months younger than Moses. Their buds.

Christmas at Verwys' house- he found Aunt Betsy's Beanie Baby collection!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Photos taken by http://izephotography.com

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