2 months and growing

Moses has changed a lot in our eyes over the past month. Others who don't spend every waking hour (which still isn't much) with him may not see the subtle changes, but we do! And we enjoy every moment. 
Current stats (to be inserted shortly- doctor's appt next week). 

Two months old and very smily. 

What can a two month old do...
SMILES a lot * kicks his feet like crazy * ride in a front carrier  * shop with his mom and grandma * gets feed every three hours during the day * sleeps all night long drools * has play dates with friends like Mantheis and Detchers *coos * lifts his head high when he has tummy time * loves to be held * but prefers to sleep on his own * enjoys visitors * uses his bouncy seat a lot * travels well in the car
Mom's getting better at taking photos :)

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