Taste Aversions

I've heard that when you're pregnant you sometimes develop a taste aversion to certain types of food. However, I never would have thought that Stride gum would do it for me!

See exhibit A:

Well, I think any of you would have an aversion to this gum if you saw what happened to it.

See exhibit B:

When gum meets dryer bad things happen! Marvin, lovely Marvin, does most of the laundry at the house. So the other day he washed and DRIED an entire pack of Stride gum. Luckily none of the gum ended up on our clothes- it all ended up on the inside drum and lint trap of our new dryer.

After 2 rounds of clean (I had to google: how to get gum out of the dryer) it is about 95% clean.

The plus side: Our dryer does give off a nice minty aroma!

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