Missing... Found

Wednesday night I lost my phone. Couldn't find it Thursday thought it would show up. Nothing friday. Saturday I had considered it a lost cause( haha)!

Saturday afternoon went to Verizon store to get a new phone, due to account manager issues they would not allow. Went home sad and pulled into the garage.

Found my phone!!!!
Sitting on the top of the car since wednesday afternoon. Thought no way it could work. But it did after a little charge. It weathered a lot! Including snow and rain and many trips to Petoskey and Gaylord!


  1. LINDSAY! You are a phone delinquent!

  2. SHUT UP! I cannot {CANNOT} believe this is a true story! Oh my word, Linds! This is both hilarious and amazing! I HAVE to show Wilson tonight, he will NOT believe it.

    (If I could use italics in comments, then I wouldn't use as many ALL CAPS)

    p.s. sorry I haven't checked your blog in like 6 months. Kinda been busy here.