Wikipedia defines 29 as… “29 (twenty-nine) is the natural number following 28 and preceding 30.”

It is also…

  • the 10th prime number
  • It’s the atomic number of copper
  • 29 days is the average lunar month
  • It is the highest possible score in a hand of cribbage
  • It is also the sum of three consecutive squares, 22 + 32 + 42

But today is my best friends 29th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Marvin!

This is when he was 28


This is the day he turned 29…


Big difference? Right!

For his BIG DAY! We celebrated by going to Red Mesa- one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

We then came back to the house where Marvin began to find every “surprise” I had for him. He walked into the spare room to find his cake- homemade white cake with chocolate frosting!


He then walked into the den and found his “red bull”! And he got the mail earlier and found all of his birthday cards. I was trying to hide all of this for him but he kept finding out everything!


Now we are off to watch a movie, actually a mini-series. Marvin doesn’t care much for “movie” watching. We went to the video store and he chose “The Pacific”.

He says his favorite thing today was opening presents!

Happy Birthday Marvin!



  1. In honor of Marvin, Rita wore the potty alarm to bed.

  2. Forget "Jack in the Box", I want "Fran in the Box" when it's my birthday!!!! You can ship her to the following address:

    Colego Bolivar
    Att: Lyndi Millett
    Calle 5 #122-21
    Cali, Colombia

    I think if you send her by Christmas she will arrive by Valentine's Day. Also if you could include some bagels in the box it would be much appreciated :)


  3. The before and after photos are remarkable. I can totally see the difference.

  4. wow, I never knew all those things about 29...

    I agree, the before and after pictures are stunning. He looks so much more mature at age 29. Amazing!

    Glad you had a fun day celebrating!